Lessons Learned from Attending two Work-Life Balance Workshops in one Week

Attending an in-depth work-life balance workshop can be eye-opening and give you all the tools you need to do your own research and get a deeper understanding of how to achieve your own personal work-life balance free from both external and internal distractions. One has rarely the chance to attend one such workshop, let alone two! Well, lucky me, I attended two in one week!

Is Work-Life Blending the new Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance. Sounds great, feels comforting and seems achievable, right? You wake up in the morning fresh from an 8-hours sleep, jog with your dog, take a shower singing Sinatra, enjoy a homemade breakfast with your family, put on your flawlessly ironed work clothes and head to the office. And only after you have joyfully greeted your colleagues and prepared a hot cup of coffee do you check your emails and get on with your daily tasks.

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